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2007/5/21 - AI activation code updated: major simul mode bug corrected.
2006/4/17 - Almost all stages updated, including WIPs.
2006/3/29 - AI activation code updated: player-type helper issue fixed.
2006/3/17 - SSF2T Cammy stage updated.
2006/2/24 - Yuki's stage from The Last Blade released.
Shock Troopers 2 stage slightly updated.
Small character updated.
2006/2/6 - AI activation code updated: buffer.time issues fixed.
2006/1/30 - AI activation code updated: faulty ID method removed.
2006/1/9 - Site moved to and reopened, many thanks to Valodim!
Sffextract 0.93 released.
JJWE's MakeAct program added to software section.
Last Blade 2 Moriya and Hibiki endings released.
Last Blade 2 ending templates released.
Small character released.
Sprite rip section opened.
Stolen stuff section opened.
Almost everything else updated, but mostly just to update my site's URL in the relevant text files.
2005/3/29 - LB2 Shrine WIP stage updated.
2005/3/22 - SS4 Fukae WIP stage released.
AI activation 'tutorial' slightly updated recently.
2005/1/18 - AI activation code updated to accommodate screwy screenpacks.
2004/10/11 - Sffextract 0.92 released.
2004/8/30 - Sffextract 0.91 released.
2004/8/28 - AI activation code updated just a tad.
Added link to Training mode detection code in the Tips & Tutorials section.
2004/8/27 - Sffextract 0.9 released.
Slightly updated links page.
2004/8/4 - Sffextract 0.83 released.
2004/7/26 - Sffextract 0.82 released. (Sorry, still no Linux binary yet.)
Updated BGPalFX bug fixing instructions accordingly.
Added a link to guidelines for making character SFFs universally compatible in the tutorials section.
2004/7/24 - Sffextract 0.81 released. (Sorry, still no Linux binary yet.)
2004/7/23 - Sffextract 0.8 released. It should now be safe to use, if you use the new -e switch and extract to a directory with no PCX files already in it. (Sorry, no Linux binary yet.)
2004/7/5 - Sffextract 0.71 released. It should now be basically safe to use, if you use the new -r switch and extract to a directory with no PCX files already in it.
2004/7/1 - Sffextract 0.7 released, and nearly all stages updated, including the LB2 Shrine stage.
Some of the stages have been given different file names, so don't forget to delete the old versions.
(None of the music has been modified, but the music file names have been changed for Final Trial, Chichi-Nene, and SS2 Charlotte.
Also changed Cammy's stage to use the new file name at OC Remix.)
2004/6/21 - Shock Troopers 2 stage released.
(Also updated the AI activation code back on 5/29.)
2004/5/26 - SFFextract 0.6 released (thanks to Dark Saviour for compiling the Linux version!).
Updated the AI activation code again.
2004/5/11 - Updated the AI activation code.
2004/4/23 - Added AI activation code to the tutorial section.
Recently updated Charlotte's SS2 stage.
Updated the contact page.
Also updated the software page a while back, but didn't mention it here.
2003/11/11 - Added music for the SFA China stages (thanks again to Dark Saviour!).
2003/9/25 - Tweaked alternate music for Charlotte's stage. Updated SFFextract.
2003/9/17 - SFA music links fixed. (Sorry, hadn't noticed the server automatically renames files.)
2003/9/16 - Released Geese's RBFF2 stage. Tweaked Dan's SFA stage. Added music for the SFA Thailand stages and Charlotte and Earthquake's SS2 stages (thanks Dark Saviour!). Had forgotten to update the readme for Cammy's stage--now corrected. Updated tutorials section. And SFFExtract has received a major update.
2003/8/21 - Site opened. Now that SFFextract has been created and released, I can feel comfortable releasing optimized versions of my stages' SFF files. All previously released stages have been updated, and ten new stages have been released.


Also, permission is given to announce any of this site's releases anywhere, except for the one forum where I'll be doing the announcing myself.

All the intellectual property rights related to the content provided on this web site belong to their respective owners.
If you are the copyright holder of any of the material provided on this site, I will immediately and willingly remove said material upon request and proof of identity. However, although I suspect that you (the companies that make the videogames I've ripped from) have already come to the same conclusion, I do believe it's in your best interest to (unofficially) permit the use of your artwork, music, and design in MUGEN. Not only does doing so avoid straining relations with your fans (a.k.a. customers), I think it also increases awareness of and interest in your games. I know I for one have pumped quarters into arcade games which I never would have given a second glance if it weren't for MUGEN.