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- Creators of MUGEN

Nigaiden's home page - Former home of SFFextract

Sites with quality stages

VIB hpVIBI don't know if anyone outside of Elecbyte themselves understands MUGEN stage design better than VIB.
NeoGouki's MUGEN CreationsNeoGoukiI wouldn't quite say he has the highest batting average so to speak, but the total amount of goodness this MUGEN veteran has brought to the world in the way of stages must exceed that of any other stage converter. I have absolutely no idea how he found the time to convert so much stuff so well.
NinjaWarriors.netRich LockardCreator of some of the best original MUGEN stages I've seen.
Dark Saviour's ArenaDarkSaviourDarkSaviour had been in the process of negating any need for anyone else to attempt straight conversions of SF2-series stages, but then he became almost as lazy as I am.
Inverse's HideoutInverseAmazing stuff is available at Inverse's site.
BMT - Brazil Mugen TeamO_Ilusionista,
The Immortal,
Great various converted and edited stages here.
Phanton Link Mugen PagePhanton LinkVery good stages. Check out his Inverted Dethegg Zone stage if you want to add a bit more challenge to your Mugen game. :)
Doorhenge's MugenDoorhengeA variety of good stages.
R's MUGEN development siteR.R seems to have left the scene before I arrived, but some high-quality stages remain on his site.
Matmut PageMatmutGo here for some good Gem Fighter and looping Rival Schools stages.
Loonatic WorksLoonaThis guy has an annoying habit of saying what I had been thinking. =)
Cirio Kfm MugenCirioLots of good KoF, RotD, SvC, and Matrimelee stages.
ProjectMM.M.R.More good stuff.
U.N.P M.U.G.E.NNyankoroGreat stages, fun characters, and much cuteness. 
\(^-^ )/
Sunny WorldR.o.q.u.e.Creator of the best damn Nakoruru ever. And his other MUGEN stuff is quite good too.
Infinity taunt MUHANDOVALEnvymask666Envymask's CvS Morrigan stage turned out particularly well.
XGargoyle's CryptXGargoyleA ninja who helped me out a little when I first got started.
Mind AccessGou-San,
et al.
Home of some pretty decent stages by DonRamon.
Pagina de VampipeVampipeThis is the clever fellow who first implemented the high delta value interactive stages trick.
Kung Fu Man's DojoKung Fu ManThis site is hosting TESTP's UNITED pack, which includes some extra special stage conversions.

Dearly departed:
ShinRyoga & NeoAnkh

News and Databases

The Mugen Fighters Guild
The Mugen Fighters Guild

A news site plus a database of Mugen stuff (on hiatus and hidden here), founded by Nunor (MIA).
I've personally made sure that the best available version of each stage was chosen for many of the stage sections. Currently a bit outdated and neglected, though.
Also serves as a gracious web host to several Mugen sites, including this one, thanks to current webmaster Valodim.

Cute Mugen
Cute Mugen

Also a good site for news and stuff, and includes some good stages converted by webmaster Chloe (previously a.k.a. Faye) and others.


A good Japanese news and info site.

The web's most complete list of links to MUGEN-related sites.


The Mugen Fighters Guild Forum
The web's main English-language MUGEN forum.
My current preferred hangout on the web.

Mugen Dev
Formerly one of the main English-language MUGEN forums, now partially archived at New Wave Mugen.


Shin Mugen
Shin Mugen

My former host, the former home of the Mugen Dev forums, formerly a good site for Mugen news and stuff, and used to include a few good stages converted by webmaster Shin ShadowH. Alas, the server capacity was decreased, and thus the site is no longer capable of providing all that neato Mugen stuff.

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