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I hope to update my CPS parallax tutorial soon if I can find some time. But for now, just check out the old version I posted at Mugen Dev. (Be sure to read the whole thread.)

Here's a tip for fixing M.C.M.-compiled stages.

At the MFG forums, I've posted some guidelines and instructions for making character SFFs universally compatible with all versions of Mugen.
(See Reply #13 in particular.)

I've also posted some code for detecting Training mode, for anyone who might find that useful.

Here's some optimal AI activation code you can use. Contents:
• AI activation code - 3 var.txt, which includes the commented 3 or 4-variable version of the code plus a brief explanation.
• AI activation code - 2 var.txt, which includes the commented 2 or 3-variable + HitPauseTime-helper version of the code plus a brief explanation.
• Two versions of KFM, which serve as example implementations of each version of the code. He doesn't have any actual AI directives, but the AI variables are displayed to the clipboard.
I'd recommend using the 3 to 4 variable version of the code if you've got plenty of available variable slots, but use the 2 to 3 variable version if you don't.

Last modified: 2007/5/21

Additionally, you can obtain the three separated component methods used by the code (with less explanatory text, though), in case you don't want to use all of them together. Also included is a safe version of the old humanly-impossible commands AI activation method, in case you prefer its convenience over the doubled efficiency of the XORed commands method.

(If you'd like to read or participate in a little discussion about the AI activation code, check out this thread at the MFG Forums.)

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