SFFextract is a little command line utility for extracting images and information from SFF files.
It was originally written by Christophe (a.k.a. Nigaiden), and has been contributed to by myself, [E], and Dark Saviour.
Nigaiden's site is no longer available, so you can now get SFFextract here instead:

SFFextract 0.93 - Win32 binary
SFFextract 0.93 - Linux binary
SFFextract 0.93 - source (includes an amended version of Elecbyte's formats.txt)

SFF 2 Turbo Revival, a front-end for SFFextract and Sprmaker, is available in the Tools section of Dark Saviour's Arena.

And since Elecbyte's site is down at the time of writing this, I've decided to host their tools:

M.U.G.E.N Tools - DOS versions (includes AirEdit, FntMaker, SndMaker, and SprMaker)
M.U.G.E.N Tools - Linux versions (includes AirEdit, FntMaker, SndMaker, and SprMaker)
M.U.G.E.N Customization Files
Kung Fu Man character - Work files
Mountainside Temple stage - Work files

PCXClean, PCXPAL, & PAL2ACT - DOS versions
PCXClean sample input files

Lastly, I've been granted permission to host JJWE's MakeAct program, which can be used to automatically create a palette containing all the colors in a set of 8-bit PCX files. Very handy, in my experience.

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