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 Wild Ken
 My first solid mugen character ever! :P
I'm still planning some cool stuff to put in him, there's a lot of edited moves,
with whole set of sprites avaliable that I didn't coded yet :D
So there's still a lot of stuff for Wild Ken's fans to come \o/

Beta & Info avaliable at : Characters Section

 Wild Ken EX
 What can I say? I'm planning a new version of my good ol' char for mugen :P
Of course there'll be new stuff and a new grafic style!
I'm still studying the possibilities... maybe in 2007 something might be released :)

Original From : Street Fighter Series (?)
Mugen Version : WIN
Screenshots : none yet.
Download: No public beta released.

 Monkey D. Ruffy
The funniest char in the whole world! :P
There's a lot of stuff, this is an early beta so there's still a lots of stuff to put in him.
A bunch of cool moves, the sounds I'm still looking for...
And maybe the Pirate Crew as strikers :D

Beta & Info avaliable at : Characters Section

 Rock Howard
Rock is not even 25% done yet! I still have to finish his normal Game Mode.
Finish the sprite-set for his Alternate Outfit Game Mode & Code it :P

Beta & Info avaliable at : Characters Section

 Street Fighter II NES
 I'm co-working with Bia (and some cool ppl) in her last MUGEN (full game) project.
Mostly in the sprite section. There'll be lots of cool stuff and an top-tier Gameplay!

Original From : Street Fighter II NES
Mugen Version : WIN
Screenshots : 01
Ken showing Chun-li his mighty dragon punch :P
- 02
Guile escaping from Sagat's SDM! D:
- 03
Beware Bison's sexiness!! >:DD
- 04
You have to beat Sheng Long to stand a chance! :OO
- 05
Sheng Long Ownage!!! _\,,/

Download: No public beta released.


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