Hyper Dragon Ball Z is developed on the MUGEN engine, and thus is a completely non-profit fan-game.
The creations made for MUGEN cannot be sold, the most obvious case being that the creators don't hold the required rights.
In our case it would be the lack of the Dragon Ball Z licence. And MUGEN is freeware to begin with.

However, countless hours, blood sweat and tears have been put in making these well-crafted creations.
So, let me ask you, do you enjoy the work we've so painstalkingly delivered for you to play with free of charge, no strings attached?
Do you wish to see more Z2 characters and stages in the future?
Well then, this is how you can support us. Below, you can go to one of our paypal pages and donate a small amount of money to show your thanks and appreciation. It will keep our spirits high!