Hyper Dragon Ball Z is a FREE fighting fangame and it will be always hosted completely free, we don't even put advertisements on our Youtube videos or websites. If anyone ever has to spend a single dime to access these files, sadly they are being scammed.
And to be safe you're getting the real thing, you should only ever download our game/characters/stages from this website, and never from any sort of warehouse site.

This project runs on M.U.G.E.N., a 20 year old free gaming engine that has had a community following since its inception that allowed this game to be created.
Community work and contributions are what leads to a project like Hyper Dragon Ball Z to become what it is today and so it's a must to thank YOU for downloading, playing and sharing with your friends, peers and followers!

Even though we have dedicated testers, with a large project like this there's always bound to be some bugs that slip through the cracks, so feel free to report issues you might find, we will try to work on them for the next releases. Our devs are pretty active on the Hyper DBZ Discord server, feel free to post bugs/suggestions in the corresponding channels!

We are not done yet nor do we have a target where we would be "finished", so keep accompanying us for more updates and oddball creations.

Ps. You may come across videos or builds of the game featuring characters or stages not found in our build. These fall under the 'Z2i' (standing for 'Z2 inspired') monniker and are made by other creators and fans not involved with the main team. As such we can’t fix the bugs related to these nor answer questions about them.