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Nao & Unknown
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DmC Lifebars
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Kof Arhives Custom Port Guide

    First off, this guide is optional. It was done to enhance the screenpacks features. To achieve this effect, follow this guide below. Download the PSD attached below and open it in your image editor of choice that supports PSD files. For this guide photoshop will be used. Once Opened you should see an image that looks like this:


    Now move the layer named " temp " over the Iori layer :


    Ok, almost done , now Use the Eyedropper tool and click on the pink background to make it use the same colors :


    After you done that chose the paint bucket tool and click on the green square ( the " temp " layer ) :


    Save The current layout as an image or copy and paste that layout as a separate image. Finally load that image you just saved or duplicated, and Reduce the colors to 8bit, "indexed". Once you do that, edit your pal chart and select the black color bg and change it to a commonly used transparent color. (Ex: pink, green, blue) In Game it should look like this :


    And we are all done!
    As a Final Note, PLEASE MAKE SURE that when you are adding the image to your character , the big portraits X Axis Should be -1 and Y axis should be 0 Lifebar portraits have group 9000 , 222 with the offsets set X: 1 Y: -1
    Template Download →

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