So I find myself once again wanting to turn 
		a popular character into a MUGEN character, so just like with Snake, 
		I've decided to make a character that 
		I have a great amount of passion for. That 
		character is Rorschach, birth name Walter Kovacs. 
		For those of you who haven't read Watchmen or 
		know nothing about the character, Rorschach is a 
		masked vigilante who spends his days disguised as a 
		vagrant doomsday prophet, and his nights cleaning up 
		the streets with his gritty, violent brand of justice. 
		He wears a mask consisting of two layers of a latex-like material, 
		with black and white fluids between them that shift and move constantly, 
		but never mix to gray. He has clearly defined views of good and evil, and 
		he is completely uncompromising. For more information, visit his Wikipedia page, 
		though be warned, there are SPOILERS of the events of Watchmen. 
Here are two animated gifs representing his progress so far.


Walk (this is a bit faster than he will actually walk)

On a loop

		I will be using a bit of Seth as a base. 
		I hope you guys are excited about this, because I know I am. 
		Right now, here are the plans for him, but this may change, of course:




6-button layout
Forward Run
Back Hop


Grappling Gun Shot - Rorschach will shoot his grappling gun straight out,
like a normal gun, impacting with his opponent.

Grappling Gun Swing - Rorschach will shoot his grappling gun upwards, 
latch onto something "off-screen", and perform a 
swinging kick (think Spiderman's Web-Swing)

Tackle - Rorschach will tackle his opponent, and beat their head in (think Sean from SF3). 

Aerosol Flamethrower - Rorschach will use a lighter and an aerosol can to create a 
makeshift flamethrower.

Pepper Spray - Rorschach will reach into his pocket and then toss a handful of 
pepper into his opponent's eyes. Must figure out the logistics of
stunning the opponent, possibly a custom state.

More if possible. May make a Nite-Owl striker, but that's a big maybe.

Don't have much in the way of Supers thought up. The previously mentioned 
Aerosol Flamethrower may be used as a super. I'm also thinking the old standby, 
a big multiple-attack super, since that works for just about anybody. Feel 
free to throw me some suggestions, though I make no promises!

Let me know what you think!