05/02/2023 - Borghi's characters updated and hosted

My good old friend Borghi updated his characters and asked me to host them here at MFG. Be sure to check them out and support his full game, The Black Heart (available on Steam).

12/06/2022 - Characters updated and optimized for Ikemen GO

It's time to move on and start showing more support to Ikemen GO. If you don't know what that is, it's a newer open source engine that supports Mugen content and does everything Mugen does, plus more. You can learn more here.
I updated my characters to take advantage of some of the new features the engine has. From here on out, I will still fix any bugs that are found in the Mugen versions, but new content will only be added to the Ikemen GO versions.

14/04/2022 - All stages updated for Mugen 1.0

Better late than never. They should also be compatible with Mugen 1.1 and Ikemen. Also added a few new ones.

15/03/2022 - Updates in progress

It's been a while. I'm currently updating all of my characters for old times' sake. You can currently get some of them from Mediafire, so check them out.
I will move them here once the updates are more or less done.
Big thanks to Valodim and the Mugen Fighters Guild Network staff for welcoming me back here.

17/04/2012 - Uploaded Reu's chars updated for Mugen 1.0

Added Reu's masterpieces, updated for Mugen 1.0, to the Characters section.

12/01/2010 - All characters updated for Mugen 1.0

And they are now exclusively compatible with it. But you can still get the old WinMugen versions in the Characters page.