I'm new at this, where can I find Mugen for download?

Mugen's official site is up and running once again, visit Elecbyte.

All your downloads are in .rar format, how do I open them?

You need WinRar.

Where can I download more characters and stages besides yours?

Try visitting The Mugen Fighters Guild Forum and asking around for what you want.

What/when is your next release?

I'm not working with regular Mugen these days and at this point am not sure if I ever will again.

Can you make a [insert character here]?

No, sorry. Making a character right requires interest on my part, so just taking requests won't do it (unless I'm super bored).

What happened to your Ken?

It's just stopped/frozen, like so many characters I worked on that you never heard about.

Can I make AI patches for your characters?

Yes, sure. In fact you can make any kind of patch for my characters.

Can I use something from your works?

Yes, you can use anything you want.

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