Welcome to the Mugen Fighters Guild
Since the Mugen engine has come out in late 1999 many creators started to convert the characters, from the arcade hits like King of Fighters, Street Fighter and other games to Mugen, revealing a new world for the 2D fighting games and bringing it to our homes.

Altough it was already possible to play games like King of Fighters at home thanks to the arcade emulation, the Mugen project went a little further, allowing that fighters from all other games could finally fight against each other.

This is however only possible, thanks to the incredible effort of many creators, that made the complicated task of converting a character for the Mugen engine, and shared that with all of the us without asking nothing in return.

Therefore i dedicate this site to all the Mugen creators all over the world, hoping that they continue to bring to the Mugen community the best that the 2D fighting games can offer.

Long live the Fighters...