Site FAQ

Here you can find some answers on some common questions that people have about this site.

1. What's this site all about ?
It's about Mugen, the customizable 2D Fighting Game Engine from Elecbyte. Here you can find chars, stages, motifs and many other Mugen stuff.
2. Where can i download the chars ?
To download the chars goto the creators homepage in the link provided in each game page.
3. Where can i download the latest Mugen version ?
At Elecbyte site @
4. Why are the menu colors always changing ?
The colors change when there are updates in the sections. Darker color means an updated section.
5. Why isn't my char in the Guild ?
Or i just didn't had time to add it yet or i did not like it and never will...
6. Can i link to your site in mine ?
Be my guest. As long as you use the adress
7. Can i use the images of your site ?
You can use all images except the Title image and the WeekFighter poster images.
8. The download link of the char is broken or i can't find it. What do i do ?
Post the invalid link char in the Forum and email me to get an alternative link.
9. I have a suggestion or a correction about this site. Should i make it ?
But of course. Post your suggestions or corrections in the Forum. I'm always open to new stuff for the site.
10. You still didn't anwser a question that i have.
Mail me at