Sprite Work

spritework/Patriot.gif spritework/Xing.gif spritework/Bubba.gif
These are portraits I was asked to do for an unreleased fullgame named Cruel Fate.
In order of appearance : Patriot, Xing and Bubba.

spritework/evil_guile_1.gif spritework/evil_guile_2.gif
Some sprites of my "Dream Character", Communist Guile.
I have edited about 20 sprites for him, but never had the motivation to really work on him.

spritework/Buu1.png spritework/Buu2.png
Some HR edits of Buu from Dragon Ball Z.
Here again, I have edited about 20 sprites, but never got around finishing any spriteset.

An attempt at copying Borghi's sprite style, i.e. horror characters with Cartoonish design.
His design is inspired by Borghi's Peketo, mixed with Silent Hill Pyramid Head as well as Lovecraft's Cthulhu.