Balthazar's Sprite Work

Since the day we started collaborating to bring Goku Z2 to life, Balthazar became my official spriter.
His art is not limited to the spriteset he did for Mugen though, and he's sprited and drawn multiple stuff, including non Dragon Ball sprites.
Here is a short compilation of his work, with a few comments about them. You can also find his DeviantArt gallery here.

Old Dragon Ball animations

Recent Dragon Ball sprites

A Broly sprite based on a drawing by Diepod. You can see the spriting process and various palettes.

More Broly, now in Z2, non Super Saiyajin, gentleman and Sexy Daddy form.

What would Goku Z2 look like if he had a Super Saiyajin form or different outfits.

Various sprites in Balthazar's personal style, a mix of bulky CVS and SF3.

Various sprites in SF3 style, with these lovely purples for the skin we all love.

Non Dragon Ball sprites
Balthazar's talent is obviously not limited to spriting DBZ sprites, so here's some of his other work.

Some SF3 conversions of KOF, Tekken and SFEX chars, but also Leonardo, Randy Marsh, Obelix and Cartman.

Various sprites : cps3 Kungfu Man, Wolverine, Kazuya, Mel Masters, Marsh, Geese (Broly edit), Balthazar himself and Jin.

His love for Ryu knows no limit either, and he can sprite him in whatever style.

A few Super Deformed sprites, from various sources.

Let's finish with something more original, and a little out of the regular bounds.

To Margouki
These sprites were created by Balthazar at the request of his special love interest, Margouki !
As they are created with that extra touch of care, these are some of his best works to date.

Ryo Sakazaki from Wild Ambition in CVS style.

Omega Shenron in SF3 style.

Omega Shenron in brush art this time, with a special aura animation.

A super high resolution Terry with some SF3-ish shading.

Brush Art
Last but not least, Balthazar also has a tablet and can draw some fine art with it.

Various Dragon Ball stuff, including Goku VS Bluestreak.

A tribute to Diepod, Bluestreak's spriter, and his partner in crime when it comes to spriting at Mugenguild.

Some bonus stuff. :D

A sprite with different palettes that was supposed to go in Goku's prizes.

Katja Schuurman, straight out of one of Balthazar's kinky magazines.