Another meteorite has fallen on Klaymodo Island, where Dr Kiln, wishing to expand on his previous success in
Mudville and Clayland Park, schemes to cover the island with clay as part of his plans for world domination.
Heroes from the past, Bad Mr. Frosty, Blob and Taffy, the superheroes Earthworm Jim and Boogerman (the latter
of whom went on vacation there without realizing what was happening), as well as new allies like some Kiln's
creations that turned against him went to the island to stop him and his minions.

Planning on the heroes attempting to corner him after Blob summoned several Clayfighters who competed in older
tournaments to the island, Kiln created copies of all the participants to serve as his own personal army. However,
what he did not realize was that many of those clones still remained as pure of heart as their original counterparts,
while also seeking to betray him and bring him down for good.

The conflict between Kiln and the ClayFighters escalates to a much grander scale. Who will become the one who
puts an end to Kiln’s ambitions first? Or will Klin finally achieve his goal of molding the world into his own personal
clay wasteland?