Name: Sora
Origin: Kingdom Hearts
Progress: Beta 2.2
Updated: 11/28/06
Download: Here

Move List (When Player is Facing Right)
Basic Moves
Attack A
Magic B
Magic Menu Y + or to change spells
Dodge Roll
Level 1 Magic
Fire Small burst of flame.
Blizzard Small gust of frost.
Thunder Bolt of lightning attacks enemy.
Cure Restores a little HP.
Gravity Grounds airbrone enemy and takes a little HP.
Stop Stops enemy for a short time.
Aero Deploys a short barrier. Blows away enemies.
Party Members
  • Attacks with staff.
  • Special Attack: Various Spells
  • Attacks with shield.
  • Special Attack: Shield Thrust (5 MP)
  • Attacks with sword.
  • Special Attack: Apple Toss (5 MP)
  • Attacks with sword.
  • Special Attack: ?
  • Attacks with staff.
  • Special Attack 1: Cura (5 MP)
  • Special Attack 2: Limit Break: Great Gospel
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