News from October 2005

[10/10/05]: XTreme Theme Shooter Machine (Shooter Game) Version 3 Released.
Yes, it has been a while since my last release: nearly two months now. I have been back in school, so my work in Mugen has been held back somewhat. Version 3 of the Shooter Game (Now called the XTreme Theme Shooter Machine or XTSM for short), has been updated with Stage 4. I also tried to address a few bugs that were brought up in the last version. Again, consult the readme.txt file for info on the known bugs/glitches that occur. I have also decided to stick with a 16-bit Mono sound format for the background music, so there will be no more Lite/Full versions, just a main version. Just a side note: I started to work on Stage 5 because I wanted to release it with this version, but there is still a lot of coding to do, and I wanted the fanboys of Stage 4 to have something to play with while I work on Stage 5. Anyways, enjoy Beta 3. Beta 4 soon to follow with Stage 5. Whenever that release date is, I'm not sure. Thanks to Psicoso for fixing the select screen icon problem.