News from October 2008

[10/19/08]: SSBB Kirby Beta 3 Released.
This version of SSBB Kirby has a major code overhaul. Stamina, Stock, and Timed modes have been implemented, as well as Team and Free For All modes. There are too many new changes to mention here, so read the included readme.txt file for all the details. I will say this one more time. READ THE INCLUDED README.TXT FILE. Also uploaded is the SSBB Final Destination stage that goes with the SSBB core engine. SSBB mode will only be activated if you have all SSBB styled characters on this stage. Do NOT use non SSBB styled characters on this stage, as they are not compatible with it. You'll also note that the graphics on this stage are extremely bare minumum. If you would like to change this, let me know. Also be aware that the AI in SSBB Kirby is still horrible, as I have not had practice in coding custom AI. If you would like to create some, please contact me. Also, the hitsparks and effects in the core are still lacking. I need help there too, so contact me if you would like to assist with that. That's pretty much all for now. A lot of work has gone into the core this time. Again, view the readme.txt file for a list of changes and known bugs. Have fun.