News from May 2015

[5/9/2015]: MK Too Public Demo 1 Released.
It has been nearly 3 years since I released Crumpmaster and Hi Voltage as my newest playable characters. I have not been completely idle behind the scenes though, as I have been expanding my filmed character roster. I had originally planned to leave this project strictly offline and only distribute demos to people I know locally, but a few of my friends convinced me to do a public release. With a roster of 20 characters, I felt that the time was right for a public release.

MK Too is a standalone game of sorts, but the characters can also be used as standalone and can be ported to your own MUGEN games. This isn't exactly a "full game" of sorts since I'm using a Mortal Kombat screenpack, stages, and graphics that have already been created by other MUGEN creators (all of which are credited in the ending sequence). This game uses MUGEN version 1.1 and is meant to run at 1080p resolution.

Since Crumpmaster and Hi Voltage have been updated since their initial release and are part of this demo, references to their individual character files have been removed. Please reference their character pages in the MK Too section, where you can also find a download link for the game.

As always, feedback is appreciated, but remember that the original intent was to have this game be private for the amusement of myself and people I know, so please do not take offense if I do not take your feedback into consideration. Have fun.