News from March 2005

[3/30/05]: Boxer updated.
Boxer has been updated to Beta 2. Included in the new version are combos, AI (thanks to BBH), fatality setup (thanks to bWWd), and some Mortal Kombat 3 influences. The Pit fatality has currently been disabled. When I add fatality coding into Boxer later on, it will be implemented (as well as some original fatalities). There is a glitch at the FINISH HIM! screen as multiple occurences of the message appear. I have not yet found a way to get rid of it, so bear with me.

[3/25/05]: Filmed character downloads back up.
The filmed characters can now be downloaded again. Thanks to Ruben! at Mugen History for hosting them!

[3/18/05]: Minor site update.
Just a minor site update. I've gotten a little tired of Sora, so I went back to working on my filmed characters for a while. I also decided to adopt a new character select format.