News from January 2006

[1/30/06]: New Team Nicktoon host.
There's a new host for Team Nicktoon. Again, thanks to Ruben at Mugen History for hosting.

[1/30/06]: Team Nicktoon released.
I have released a new character, Team Nicktoon. This is a team-based character (similar to Sora's party system) where you have 3 people fighting together as a team at once. This time, you can switch between the characters that you control. 22 characters have been included in this release. Note that there are a number of bugs in this character as it is supposed to act in platform game style. E-mail me with any bugs you may find. Have fun.

[1/17/06]: Updates.
I haven't updated my site in a while. Just figured I'd let you all know that I AM working on something at the moment, but it's not XTSM. I should have a new release in a week or so.