Name: Ryu Hayabusa
Origin: Ninja Gaiden
Progress: Re-Release
Updated: 9/2/04
Download: Here

Move List (When Player is Facing Right)
Basic Moves
Light Punch X
Strong Punch Y
Sword Z
Light Kick A
Strong Kick B
Special Moves
Shriuken C
Art of Fire Wheel + C
Fire Dragon Ball (In Air) + C
Windmill Throwing Star (For 15 Ticks) + C
Vacuum Wave + C
Wall Jump (Near Wall) or
Kick Flip (Near Opponent) + B or A
Super Moves
Invincible Art of Fire Wheel
(3000 Power)
+ C
Jumping Slash Attack (In Air)
(3000 Power)
+ C
Super Stick Slammer (3000 Power) + Y
Sword Extension (1000 Power) + Z
Phantom Doubles (1000 Power) + C