News from August 2005

[8/11/05]: Shooter Game Version 2 Released.
A new character has been added: The Shooting Game character. This character is not a traditional character for Mugen as when you fight with it in a match, it overrides the other character's coding and acts like a traditional first person shooter. You can download it at its character page. Much thanks to KFM at RandomSelect for hosting this. You may ask why this is Beta 2. Beta 1 was a private release only available to the members of MugenGuild to test. It only consisted of one stage to play through. Beta 2 has three stages for you to play through. Once you get to the end of Stage 3, Stage 1 will repeat. There are a number of glitches already in the character that I am aware of. You can read these in the readme.txt file contained with the character. Also keep in mind that this is the Lite version of Beta 2 (meaning that Stage 1's background music is of low quality Mono sound). This is because the Full version of Beta 2 would be about 20 MB in size (due to the Stereo quality sound). If anyone wishes for the Full version of this character, I will see if I can get the Full .SND file uploaded separately. In Stage 1, there is a cheat code you can enter at the Intro screen. See if you can find it.