"The Prince of Saiyans! With an intellect unmatched and a pride that's indestructable, Vegeta always comes back to show who's the boss."

Note: the download is for the merged Normal (now including Armored sprites version) + Majin Vegeta. Follow the instructions inside to add one or both to your roster.

*Updated December 16th 2018 (Added Armored Vegeta)
*Updated Februari 23th 2018 (4.2B)
*Updated (patch) April 20th 2017
*Updated April 7th 2017.

As with Goku, this is in our eyes the best Vegeta character we could make. It's got all his moves and traits and then some. This also marked the first time we started using custom voice actors for our characters, making this Vegeta even more unique amongst the flock. In this case, we were lucky to work with the magnificent Rice Pirate! This Vegeta doesn't hold back, be on your guard at all times! It's projectiles ahoy, so loosen up those fingers if you want to stand a chance against the Prince!

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