"Never surrendering, never stopping to aim higher, TenShinHan's tired muscles are sore but he knows what he strives for, to be unchained. His third eye tracks anything coming his way, if he is to be a mere pothole on your voyage, he shall be the biggest one you ever found."

*Released December 18th 2018

Who's got 3 eyes, 4 arms and a little helper following him around? This guy! While this took quite a lot of time, just shy of 2 years of development, the result we think is as good as always, perhaps even better. Tien has quite an arsenal of moves to play around with including a Hover Mode of sorts and of course his friend Chiaotzu to aid him. If you prefer to fight without Chiaotzu, enter Om Mode and it'll be Tien on his own, even getting some extra moves. Hyper DBZ needed more humans in its roster and we think this is a pretty solid entry for that!

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