"With an infinite arsenal of a variety of weapons, Sentro enjoys playing with it's designated targets."

Sentro's coded by the great The_None, that should already give you an idea of it's quality. Again I'd like to thank everyone who suggested drones for Sentro (previously known as Cargo Dog, then Canine Carrier, before we learned he actually has a name), he really turned out with a nice variety of them, designated to various catagories. It's very fun to go up against Sentro, the things he can whip out to combat your. There might be times when you'd want to feed him your keyboard though, he's not afraid to launch his volley of Funnels 3 times in a row while putting up his Desperation Shield whilst also having Metools and a Droideka running around constantly fireing at you. But come on, you can't hate the guy, he's a robotic dog! Atta boy. Sentro's won the Character of the Month April 2014 award at Mugen Fighters Guild!

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