"Createns! Critters! These little buggers will give you nightmares! Will you run and cower in fear? Or will you stand up and defeat all of them? "

*Updated Februari 23th 2018 (4.2B)
*Updated September 5th 2017 (by RawkHawk)
*Updated April 20th 2017 (by AlexSin)
*Updated March 1st 2017 (by AlexSin)
*Updated May 28th 2015

Though released on April's Fools, these little monsters are no joke. They're vile and vicious and long for the taste of your blood! Credit goes to Daeron and The_None, I was mostly just a middle-man in this project. Though the idea of this bonus-game type project was concieved about 3 years ago, and most of the sprites were done 2 years ago, with The_None taking charge of coding, they're up and out for everyone to enjoy! In the latest update, the sprites have been updated, redrawn by Chamat.

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