"Everyone knows half-bloods are some of the most beautiful and skillful people around! Such is true for Gohan, part Saiyan, part human, possessing the best of both worlds!"

*Updated March 24th 2018 (tiny fix)
*Updated Februari 23th 2018 (4.2B)
*Updated (patch) April 20th 2017
*Updated April 7th 2017.

Ah Gohan, what a project this was! After being shoved aside for a long period of time due to disinterest, he was then picked up by the coder again, which resparked my own interest in the character to take up his sprites again, even redrawing just about all of them. This resulted in Gohan being one of the best-looking Z2 characters to date, not to mention he is hella-fun to play with. Give this half-blood a spin, you'll find he has a whole bunch of tricks up his sleeve!

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