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Welcome to my MUGEN Website!

I hope you like the new fashion of my website! Have fun exploring. Also, if you want your website added to the "links" column, feel free to send me a PM at the MFG forums.

*Please note that I do need you to send me a 88 x 31 banner, aswell as adding my banner to your page.


The Midnight Wandering stage releasd! - 20/01/2016

New stage released! I am releasing this stage that I kept "private" for almost a year now.
I just see no point in keeping it private if you want me to be honest with you.
You can either get the stage here or at the stages download section here.


"New year, new me" - 12/01/2016

Wow! Can't believe it has almost been 2 years since I didn't update my MUGEN website!
Ok so, thanks to Valodim I now have a new home. The MFG Network! For anyone who is reading this I am
really sorry I could not keep up with my website when Flowzone has been taken down, I was just too lazy to move my stuff
all the way back to Google Sites again. Also, another thanks to JNP! With time I'll update this page and perhaps make more
awesome stuff in the future ;)


Halloween Stage released! Village - 31/10/2014

So guys, it's halloween and I decided to release a *kind of* seasonal stage. The stage didn't really come out the way I wanted but that wasn't because I didn't want it to.
The stage starts on daylight, and as time goes by (I counted it) at around 30 seconds it starts going afternoon. Ends up at night time. Transitions were made by Genesis (Thank you, you're awesome)
Thanks to everyone who tried in any way to help me make this stage aswell, your help was much apreciated.
The fact it didn't come out the way I wanted was because I don't know how to parallax an animated sprite, so please sorry guys! I hope you have fun with it.
You can download the stage by clicking here.
Or you can go to the stage section and download it from there.


Vega's Stage (Spain) released! - 08/10/2014

Hot and fresh, Vega's stage is now released and avaiable for download at the Stages section. Or you can click here to download it
I hope you appreciate it, any bugs, questions, just send me a PM @


New website fashion! - 08/10/2014

Ok so, now this is the final version of the website, I hope you like it. I might be updating some things here and there but there won't really be any major edits to the website.
As of today, the old website on google won't be avaiable. Everything was moved to here.
Sorry about the inconvenience.

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